City Beach

The tranquil setting of this City Beach property inspired an almost zen-like landscape design, making the most of the compact space by incorporating a three-level yard to include a large spa, pool and lower lawn area.

Project consultations and discussions were carried out with the client in order to encompass their vision and ideas for the landscape design.

Initial excavation and civil works were carried out to prepare the canvas of the area, before millboard decking, brickwork and rendering were installed as per the landscaping plans. Installation of the frameless glass fencing with stainless steel spigots around the pool area was followed by bluestone capping. Plant selection and layout were carefully designed with the landscape lighting in the garden, as well the as the pool area. The finishing touches were added with turf preparation and installation, and external paint and flooring selection and finishes.

Full garden landscaping project details:

  • Landscape design & consultation
  • External paint and flooring selections and finishes
  • Frameless glass fencing with stainless steel spigots
  • Pool box cover design
  • Millboard decking
  • Plant design & layout
  • Excavation and civil works
  • Brickwork and rendering
  • Bluestone capping
  • Turf preparation and installation
  • Reticulation
  • Plant selection and layout
  • Garden and pool lighting design and layout