How to Choose a Landscape Gardener

So, you’ve purchased a new property, or perhaps you’re renovating your current home and fancy a fresh garden to match? Maybe you’re putting in a pool, or your current outdoor space just needs a bit of long-overdue TLC? Whatever the situation, a quick Google of landscape designers in Perth (or wherever you may be located) typically brings up dozens and dozens of options. Cue immediate decision paralysis!

We hear you – but before you consider trekking off to Bunnings and attempting a DIY job (stop right there), scroll on as we break down the five questions you need to ask potential garden landscape designers before you commit.

1) How experienced are you?

This is crucial, because the more successful projects a company has under their belt, the more knowledge they will have regarding what works (and what doesn’t) with your particular space, climate and soil type. They’ll also be aware of potential challenges that may crop up within your project, and how to overcome these effectively (and with minimal cost).

So, once you’ve made your shortlist of Perth landscaping companies, you can whittle it down further by eliminating those that aren’t backed by years of experience.

2) Are you skilled in project management?

Engaging garden landscape designers encompasses a whole lot more than outsourcing someone to throw a few seedlings into your garden beds. Yep, there are a plethora of moving parts involved in creating a stunning outdoor space, hiccup-free – and engaging a full-service company that can skilfully project-manage the entire thing, from go to handover, will make your life approximately 567 times easier.

Don’t have the time (or know-how) to plan, organise and manage the resources involved in landscape design and construction? Look for Perth landscaping companies that offer comprehensive project management as part of the service, because it’s the (seemingly) little things, like your landscapers having great existing relationships with other trades, and knowing exactly when to plant those palms, that will take a good experience to a great one.

3) How creative is your approach?

Whether you’re seeking to create a wow-worthy space to entertain; or are after lush green oasis with which to escape the outside world, we know you don’t want your garden to feel like a cookie-cutter replica of all your mates’ backyards.

Choosing a team who possess next-level creativity is what will take your outdoor space from same-same to jaw-dropping. When vetting landscape designers in Perth, we always suggest scrolling through each company’s past projects: does every garden they design feature the exact same shrub, or are they able to mix it up? This will help you get an idea of their ability to think outside the box and lead, rather than follow, when it comes to innovation and creativity.

4) Do you offer a client-focused service?

Creating a bespoke outdoor space in your home is a very personal experience – which is why ensuring your landscape gardeners offer a client-focused approach is crucial to achieving a finished result you’ll love. When choosing which company to go with, ask about their briefing process (a good one will be thorough and in-depth) and, when you call to enquire, pay as much attention to the questions they ask you, as to what they say.

An excellent landscape design and construction company will offer a highly personalised service – which means asking you exactly what you want from your garden, and then listening fully to your needs before making any decisions and commencing your project.

How is the customer service?

Last but in no way least, the customer service and general attitude delivered by the landscape design and construction firm you hire will have, hands-down, one of the biggest impacts on your overall experience. Your initial communications, such as when you phone to enquire about a landscaping service or email requesting a quote, will give you valuable insight into how a particular company values customer service. Are the staff polite and respectful of your time?

Also, ask around friends who are past clients, or read testimonials on the company’s website: are the team described as honest, hardworking and generally a pleasure to be around? You’ll be dealing with your landscape designers in your home, for an extended period, so these things really do count!

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